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Travis Henry

Travis Henry is based in Upstate New York. He has written eight books which offer a concrete vision of national and global Trinarchy in our 21st century. He is now beginning to clear a 12-step pathway which leads from personal recovery, through sophic renewal, and onward to a full-blown Trinarchic Collectivity. You're welcome to visit his sandboxes at:

Studienarbeit Dreigliederung

von Elisabeth Weber (Entwurf Zeitplan)

Institut für soziale Dreigliederung

Sylvain Coiplet & Kollegen, (in Berlin)

Auf der neuen Webseite: WWW.DREIGLIEDERUNG.DE finden Sie eine umfangreiche Textsammlung zur Dreigliederung.

Rudolf Steiner Gesellschaft e.V.

The economics study group, Sydney

We are a group who, for the last three years, has been studying Rudolf Steiner's economic ideas and the threefold social order in general. We are aware that it is the centenary of the threefold social impulse and for the last two years have organised performance events as celebrations. We have one prepared for May 13th this year. You will find out what we have been doing if you go to this website:

We have also spent two years setting up a foundation to help Rudolf Steiner schools in Australia (financially and through advice) to develop their school according to the principles of the threefold social order. Please have a look at our website:

We appreciate the effort you are making to send out this message to all countries. We intend to follow your suggestion and make contact this year with other groups in Australia who are working in some way with the threefold social order ideas. Later we will link with international groups and think about the idea of a conference.

Nigel Hoffmann (for the economics study group, Sydney).

Was ist Dreigliederung des sozialen Organismus?

futurehealth - The Becoming Community

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